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Author Topic: Bike ride at rietvlei (old enduro scrambler and yama blaster 200  (Read 307 times)

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Full report on www.cassierides.blogspot.com

We with scramblers and quad bikes cannot touch the open road so we found a place called Riet Vlei last year January. We
decided that our friendship group with all our bikes will make a trip to the popular farm. The Rietvlei farm is situated near Dana Bay. The farm contains a long 11 KM enduro course (if it's not longer) for quads and proper scrambler bikes. The farm also contains a oval track for racing purposes. There are also kiddies track on the farm as well. I took my Yamaha IT 200 and Kobus took his Yamaha Blaster 200 (not his Vuka this time) but a proper quad bike. This time it was no playing games but serious off road day.

You won't believe that Stefan was riding a 1975 small enduro bike that eventually pulled his blaster out of the mud

one opstacle at rietvlei.  I think i spelled opsticle wrong ???

Kobus with his quad this time and not the Vuka Scoota

A four wheeler trying to be a two wheeler !!!

Fanta with his small induro bike in the mud

Kobus sitting vas with his quad bike.  He will eventually ask Fanta to "tou" him out with his 19 voetsek small bike

Stefan is pulling Koos se quadbike uit die modder uit...

Well there are quite a number of obstacles that you encounter at the farm. Look at this thing. We had to go over the obstacle

This day ended in Broken bikes and a lot of spending money that would be wasted fixing bikes up. I've broken my handle bars because i couldn't go around a sharp corner too fast and decided to jump off the bike while the bike was speeding ahead for a couple of seconds without me off a cliff. It took at least 2 hours of my time to get my bike out of the ditch. There was no one riding the difficult part of the course so i had to get my own bike out of the mud. Well this was a highlight of the bike riding 2009 year. Hopefully this year will be a cost effective year by focusing on long distance trips without pulling stunts that might cost us money to fix
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Moes grootword, bike moes gaan
Moes in George werk soek want ek wil nie trek
Moes bike verkoop ding lek te veel olie

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Re: Bike ride at rietvlei (old enduro scrambler and yama blaster 200
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Just joined the Forum but I saw something that caught my eye!!

That 'Small Enduro Bike' is actually something very special & quite rare!!

It is a Yamaha TY80 Trials bike (Foot Ups Bike) - That one looks original & very good to me from the pics!!!

Please look after it & preserve it !!

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