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Author Topic: Off-road team to race under the name “BMW Husqvarna Motorsport”  (Read 158 times)

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I'm not so sure I like the sound of this...I preferred BMW Motorrad Motorsport...your thoughts?


Off-road team to race under the name “BMW Husqvarna Motorsport”.
Evolutionary entrant in the FIM Enduro World Championship.

Munich/Cassinetta. The 2010 season will see BMW Motorrad Motorsport lining up in the E2 class of the FIM Enduro World Championship under the name “BMW Husqvarna Motorsport”. The reason for signing up with the FIM under this new name is to achieve a targeted pooling of off-road racing expertise by the two brands BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna Motorcycles in the area of 450 cc four-stroke engines. The aim is to set up an ideal knowledge transfer through this sporting involvement, while at the same time optimising the team’s performance.

Rainer Thoma, President and CEO of Husqvarna Motorcycles, explains: “In order to achieve sustainable economic as well as sporting success, it is essential to exploit synergies as best we can. That is why we are now collaborating intensively with our colleagues at BMW Motorrad. We are pooling the enormous expertise of both brands: know-how from BMW Motorrad will flow to Husqvarna and vice-versa.”

The BMW Husqvarna Motorsport team is set to live up to this target: it will be entering the season with the BMW G 450 X under the team management of Speedbrain. In parallel with this, over the course of the season Husqvarna Motorcycles will be working together with specialists from BMW Motorrad and Speedbrain to develop a machine based on the Husqvarna frame/chassis concept and coupled with the 450 cc four-stroke engine developed by BMW Motorrad. Following extensive trials, the team plans to deploy the motorcycle in the ongoing event.

BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Berthold Hauser adds: “Our goal is clear: with the BMW Husqvarna Motorsport team we intend to compete for the title in the E2 class of the 2010 Enduro World Championship. Our E2 class runner-up result in the drivers’ and manufacturers’ championship, our win in the Red Bull Romaniacs and many more triumphs and podium places around the world bear witness to the potential of the BMW G 450 X concept and the team’s outstanding work in the season just past. Our joint involvement in enduro racing now provides the ideal platform on which to test how an authentic Husqvarna with the BMW G 450 X drive concept acquits itself in the competitive arena.”

Team Husqvarna CH Racing will continue to run in the E1 and E3 class of the FIM Enduro World Championship. The Supermoto and Motocross segments will also remain under the Husqvarna banner.

For any queries please contact:

Benjamin Titz, BMW Sports Communications,
phone: +49 89 382 22998, mobile: +49 179 7438088
Martino Bianchi, Husqvarna Communications,
phone: +39 0332756405, mobile: +39 3357466508
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