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Author Topic: Friday afternoon riding session. . .  (Read 250 times)

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Friday afternoon riding session. . .
« on: February 19, 2010, 08:29:21 pm »
I just had to get out on the bike,
Went of to Dirt&Dust . . .Leke the gate was  :patch:openwell there wern't any gate so in I go . . . 8)
Did the enduro-loop a couple times,I had the hole place for myself,it was a blast! Looks like they building new obsticals and tracks.
And then at the end I see a sign"4x4 this way"and in I go,and then Discoverd a small mini atlantis at the back,It was great fun . . . :mwink:
After that went an did some power slides(hard to take a pic of that yourself)then went on doing a small section on the Spes Bona gravel road.
And then returned back home. :)
I have a short video aswell,donno how to post that?

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