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Seeing that this is not a BMW we might perhaps just get by without sending  2Stroke Dan to provide an unbiased opinion. 

Already have it, thank you. :biggrin:
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Sorry Leo I change my vote to Metal Jockey 8)

Hey Welsh - shit happens no problem  :thumleft:

.and I agree, not sure I will be totally unbiased.

I'm on my 3rd beemer now and two of then have done far over 100 000km's with little or no problems, so this fancy pantsy Yamaha will have it's word cut out to cinvince me otherwise  :mwink:

See you Sunday if I have a runner 8)
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Metal Jockey has my vote for a number of reasons.

- Bike knowledge is of a variety of bikes rather than brand specific.
- Is known for honest reporting
- Is not prone to brand bashing
- Well recognised by the forum country wide.
- His wife would be a good pillion as well if neccessary to get an additional opinion of riding 2 up afterwards.
- Excellent wiriting style. the only dog with 2 role of honour reports, and most his others had comments that they should be role of honour.
- Shame, the oke lives in East London, he needs to get out again
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Hey What about me  ???
I could crash it and give a stunning accident report  >:D

Metal Jockey gets my vote
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MetJock or Jacko.
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Wow guys, I feel flattered for the nomination! However I have to withdraw for one single reason; I know and you all know this is impossible, that it cannot happen, but let's just for a moment imagine there is a very small negative point on the S/ten, would I be able to point it out? Or would I perhaps be a little biased?
For this reason I withdraw my nomination, and also for the fact that I am a dead duck compared to MetalJockey in this race.
My vote for MetalJockey.
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Loving the journey!

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(Could there be anyone else?)


Offline Lourens ツ

Metaljockey  :thumleft:
Lourens de Lange

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I also propose MJ. Above what has already been mentioned:
1) He has credibility amongst his peers.
2) Won't be intimidated or get involved with petty fights with the journo types.
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My Vote goes to MJ

Same reasons as many above but above all, objective and rides bikes for the love of it...

Great writing ability as well
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He's unbiased as for brands
He communicates experiences well
Have petrol will move
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MJ for me too. All of the reasons given plus he will be a great ambassador for Wilddogs - unless het sits down on the pavement in Rosebank to have a beer.

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MJ  :thumleft:

Willing to sponsor a papsak for extra fuel.  >:D >:D
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Jules,he has a REAL passion for offroad dual purpose riding!!!!!
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I vote for Jules:
- he has the capability to ride the bike the way it was made to be ridden
- will definitely give an unbiased report – also very clued up on technical aspects
- he just has an all round passion for adventure riding and will do a great job!!  :thumleft:
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MJ gets my vote
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MetalJ is da Man :thumleft: