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Author Topic: 690 Rally air filter mod  (Read 355 times)

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690 Rally air filter mod
« on: May 30, 2010, 10:17:27 pm »
copied my post from adv rider  :thumleft:


So I got annoyed by the piece of shit paper filter letting dust through into the air box and into the engine and decided to order the 690 rally TwinAir air filter (part numbers are some where in the epic 690 mass thread, found em: 76206115000 & 76206101050 & 76206101051.).

I figured I would post up a few pics of how I modded the stock air box form the 690E to accommodate the steel frame for the filter as I hadn't see any guides around.

This does require some very minor cutting though nothing serious and nothing that would prevent you from going back to the original air filter should you so choose.

First off the reason o change:

dusty air box

dust all the way back

and yes into the damn throttle body =[

Luckily it looks cleanish enough not to stress about the head being dusted up

so I stripped the air box out and gave it a wash, hot water and a washing detergent - get it dry and do a final wash with any alcohol based agent, I sued meths.... just to get rid of any crap left over, never mind the added buzz

I then decided to seal up the air box properly just in case (totally optional and maybe a bit overkill I guess)

So when you try and put the steel air filter frame into the standard air box it just doesn't quite fit, never mind though cause this solves every thing

my trusty dremel!

(ignore the jam & the meths )

here you can see how it doesn't fit well, the steel frames lip is to long for the gap in the standard air box

simple solution cut out two groves for the frame to poke through

like so

and bam it fits

edit: will upload the rest tomorrow, need to get some sleep for a track day in 6 hours

So track day was awesome, always a blast making roadies on their 1300cc and 1000cc supersquids look like fools on a track. 690E > Superbikes
k where was I?

Ah yes, after getting the fit right with the cutting I cleaned the air box out with meths to remove all the plastic shrapnel

hurmf looking at it now there is a little left but ah well

As one of the guys mentioned in the huge thread somewhere the lip of the air box isn't flat and as such I used marine silicon to build up a nice rim for the steel frame to sit on and make the seal air tight.  Oh and then into the frame I used a bolt with a washer and epoxied them to the bottom of the steel frame (no pics but its not rocket science either )

all fitted and looking like a good seal

got it back into the frame

One thing I did find annoying is that I needed to remove the triangle mount point for the seat thingy in order to get the frame that is in the filter mounted.

once removed though it slides in easy

next step nice oiled up filter with some rim grease, or what ever you like to use (I'm a big fan of the no toil products)

and hello air filter goodness

now if like me when you get excited to fire the bike up right away and see how it sounds don't crap yourself if the FI light blinks it just means you haven't plugged the damn probe plug back into the bottom of the air box like I did (mission to get back on too)

One of the nice added benefits of this mod is that I finally have a nice place to put my HID ballast, in there with the TwinAir

so there ya have it.

I can tell you after the track day I did today that the difference in low end grunt is hella nice, that and the sound this bike makes now


So much of win it hurts! ^.^


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Re: 690 Rally air filter mod
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2010, 10:47:03 pm »
Nice Work

and good taste in Jam  :D I always stock up at Hillcrest on Helshoogte when in the area
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