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Author Topic: West to East and back again (Cape to Knysna) An alternative to the Garden Route  (Read 3246 times)

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...a chicken pie reminded me of trips past and I wished my regular riding buddies were with me.

Careful what you wish....  :biggrin:
Babbelaas can be a beautiful thing.

Nice report, thanks.
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Awesome report  :thumleft:
Thanks for sharing

Nice to have met you at the Jamboree

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Uitstekende ride report Lucky Striker, jyt baie nice paaie gery, ek dink hulle roep my ook sommer binnekort.Uitstekende fotos.
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10/10 LS :thumleft:

Love the seat...
Too much of a good thing can be wonderful !

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Nice meeting you at Angies LS thanks for the ride report.


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Beautiful photos LS. :thumleft:

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Excellent report,  Mr Striker. Do you have some German genes in you? This report was crafted in accordance with precision engineering principles.  :biggrin:  Very nice photies as well.

Always a pleasure to read your creations.  :thumleft:

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  • doc, see its like this...my avatar left me- again.


(aai, I need a trippie wif roadreserve camping. The solitude is addictive)
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Thanks LS!
Really enjoyed that, great pics too..

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Nice RR LS

May I suggest you try the AirHawk seat, it's a revelation and I for one cannot do without it...in fact, it saved the 'dero's bacon due to the vibs from the twin.

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This was sooooo nice to read! Ek sug nou sommer van lekkerte. Thanx!
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awesome report, thanks for sharing :)

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Hierdie report is 'n kunswerk. Al die fotos is befok.

Mooi man!  :thumleft:

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