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Author Topic: 10/16 Oct. 2010 - Raid of Etna- Bike and old cars ! - Sicily-Italy  (Read 376 times)

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ALL PICS HERE http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/SICILIA%20ON%20THE%20ROAD%202010/13)%2010-16%20Ottobre%202010%20-%2013░%20Edizione%20Raid%20dell'Etna%20-%20Auto%20storiche/index.html

Used motorcycles: BMW R 1200 GS - BMW R 1200 GS ADV - Yamaha TDM 900-4 State Police motorcycle - Moto 4 Carabinieri

Stages: Palermo-Agrigento-CefalÓ Diana-Falconara-Butera Caltanissetta-Pergusa-Scicli-Ragusa-Chiaramonte-Gulf-Catania-Taormina-Piano Provenzana Etna-Serravalle-Catania-Palermo

Visited countries: Italy

Visited regions: Sicily

Km covered: 1,000 km

Duration: 7 days

10/10/2010 18.00 pm the ship arrives from Genoa, a long caravan of vintage cars from all over is ready for landing. The group of riders which includes the State Police and the Police is ready to receive it. Once gathered in front of the pier, the long caravan begins its journey towards the city center and exactly in Piazza Verdi, in front of the magnificent Teatro Massimo http://www.teatromassimo.it/. The combination of location and beauty of the car is fantastic. Many are curious to see these little jewels, their respective owners care very carefully, making sure that their car is always at its best. The weather is not great and it begins to rain, but fortunately it's time for dinner at the Palace Francavilla, just adjacent to the square http://www.palazzofrancavilla.com/Sito/index.html. The building, erected in 1873 is an elegant mansion of the noble Baron Ignatius, fully furnished with period furniture and antiques of the relevant bill, which the current owners care very carefully. Among the beautiful rooms of the building, long tables full of goodies amazed welcome the participants. After dinner, pouring rain, we accompany the long procession of cars, back to the port where the ferry will spend the night.

11/10/2010 08:45 am ready for departure. We are moving in the direction of Diana CefalÓ (PA) known for the famous Arab Baths, the only example in Sicily thermal building dating from the tenth century and the castle of the thirteenth century http://sicilyweb.com/cefaladiana/ All Cars dart rapidly under the ruins of the castle. Arriving at the site, the long caravan of cars occupies all of the entire road, from a glance fascinating. A short coffee-break and then a local guide shows us the story of this historic monument. We share in the direction of Stephen Quisquina, the temperature drops considerably until reaching 12 ░ and feels! Just after we arrive at the junction where we stop for lunch. After the inevitable coffee, it gets back into gear in the direction of Falconara, known for its beautiful castle and the adjoining http://www.icastelli.it/castle-12348...lconara-it.php resort where you will house the night. Crossing the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, in short, finally reaching their destination. In the evening dinner in the splendid rooms of the castle in the delights of local cuisine.

12/10/2010 08.30 pm you can go in the direction of Butera. The weather is good and the scenery spectacular. It 's strange look on the rear view mirror 11 riders, of which 8 belong to the police. It seems to have organized a trip with them! Quickly cross the center to quickly reach the velodrome Pergusa for a special stage. A few miles before the weather changes suddenly and the sun suddenly goes to 27 ░ to 11 ░ rain and fog! Terminate the test, we share to Caltanissetta, where we stop for lunch and a tour of the historic center http://www.prolococaltanissetta.it/home.htm proloco Accompanied by local guides to visit the most important monuments in the vicinity of Piazza Garibaldi . Back in Falconara, I take this opportunity for some photos of the beautiful castle, to round off the day with a delicious dinner and fine local wine.

13/10/2010 08:00 pm you can go in the direction of Scicli (RG) http://www.comune.scicli.rg.it that thanks to its beautiful baroque buildings in 2002 was included in the World Heritage List UNESCO. The road that leads to Kamarina Scicli is very picturesque. Dry stone walls and large meadows make the landscape subblime. Once in the city and parked cars and motorcycles in the square, along with local guides begin our brief but intense sightseeing tour of this jewel of Sicilian Baroque. After a brief welcome by local authorities, we share to Gulfi Chiaramonte, where at the wineries we stopped for lunch. The weather begins to worsen and in fact, allocated to Buccheri, a thunderstorm forced us to wear the rain. The wet road slows down a lot of our sailing but fortunately only a few kilometers after the sky begins to open up and do a head so the sun. We come to Aci Castello (CT) where we http://www.comune.acicastello.ct-egov.it/ base for three nights and spend pleasant evening with a delicious dinner of fish and excellent white wine.

14/10/2010 sunny day, our destination today is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Sicily, the town of Taormina http://www.comune.taormina.me.it/ Along the road leading to the hairpin center, I stop to photograph the cars with a wonderful view of a turquoise sea. The morning spent happily between the square of the lookout and various monuments. After lunch, we share to Catania, where we stop at one of the sponsors of the event. In the evening we arrive for dinner in the splendid setting of the Monastery of St. Nicholas Arena http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monastero_di_San_Nicol˛_l 'Arena with its impressive Baroque facade and monumental, and then to go back to the hotel.

15/10/2010 Today we climb up his "majesty of Etna. A brief stop in Zafferana and then take the well known "Mareneve" the road to plan with incredible views Provenzana between the sea and the mountains. On the way a big chestnut with reddish leaves of the trees now come for the autumn, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Continuing along the road seems to be on the moon, the last lava flows running down the mountain, creating exceptional scenery. After a long pause, it starts to Catania for lunch at a sponsor of the event. Back to the hotel, after a brief nap, "preparations are made at a gala dinner at the ancient castle of the barons Xirumi http://www.xirumi.com/flash/index_fullscreen_ita.html Grimaldi di Serravalle. Coach takes us after about half an hour at the facility. The location is wonderful. Guests will enjoy the event, a colorful fireworks and lights. After dinner, a small ceremony and then the participants return to the hotel.

16/10/2010 A beautiful sunrise welcomes my awakening. The sun peeps out on the horizon, illuminating the colorful sky and clouds, a spectacle to be left speechless. Take this opportunity to make a trip to the castle of the town just for a souvenir photo. It starts at the center of Catania, in the magnificent setting of Piazza Duomo and Piazza Universita. All cars on display for the event and why not, our bikes! A guide takes us to visit the interior and the basement of the Monastery of St. Nicholas Arena http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monastero_di_San_Nicol˛_l 'Arena and especially the wonderful library which houses volumes of priceless historical and artistic value . On the way back I take this opportunity to visit the picturesque fish market. At the hall of the municipality of Catania, the Mayor is the award ceremony of the event. Then lunch in the magnificent Teatro Massimo Bellini http://www.teatromassimobellini.it/ then to return to the port of Palermo, where he will end this particular adventure on the road. Until next time
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Re: 10/16 Oct. 2010 - Raid of Etna- Bike and old cars ! - Sicily-Italy
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Thanks for posting - some stunning cars!
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