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Author Topic: December 7, 2010 - Castles and sea. Dip included!  (Read 373 times)

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December 7, 2010 - Castles and sea. Dip included!
« on: December 08, 2010, 06:05:30 pm »

... I love Sicily, especially when you get up in the middle of winter and there are only a 24 and a magnificent blue sky! Today on the road in the province of Trapani.
D'apprima back in time in the ruins of ancient castles and Calatubo Inici.
Then 5 km off road very light and magnificent landscapes of fabulous silent

... Then the sea in winter (so to speak ..!) In the beautiful beach near Scopello Guadaloca. Here I was just me and two tourists from Belgium. Costune beach towel and held as soon as I arrived, I had a great swim! Magnificent sea, calm, cool and yet not a temperature I would say summer since I was in costume for half an hour in the sun!

Then a visit to the ancient tuna Scopello with its magnificent cliffs and then a dip in the local cuisine with pasta with sardines, sausage and potatoes and a delicious hot cassatella with ricotta!

So a day to remember for a long time ..

Pending the report and especially enjoy the pictures ... look at the video titled "A dip in the winter" deserves! (.. Not recommended for those who have the house .. or snow under the pouring rain for days!)

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