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Author Topic: Got me a MADASS !! (Wife not impressed)  (Read 444 times)

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Got me a MADASS !! (Wife not impressed)
« on: December 31, 2010, 08:11:35 pm »
Thought I would stick it in here too.

Happy New Year to all in SA, while you guys have the heat, tonight will probably be about 4'C

I have been looking at all sorts of small bikes, mopeds, etc for some time, with the intention of using it to go to the shops, and to sling it in the back of the Transit when we go away with the Teardrop trailer.

These things appeal to me because they are a bit different, ugly, naked, and seem to get the "Back to Basics" ethos kind of right.

I have watched them on Ebay, Autotrader and anywhere else they infrequently do pop up. Unusually I saw one advertised on Gumtree, as I kept an eye there too for small cheap Quads and Pitbikes for some time now. We had friends over yesterday, so I only got to speak to the seller at about 7pm last night.
Story was his son is trading up at age 17 now, bike in average condition, no Tax/MOT, I got his price down by 50, which would cover MOT/Tax and then I would have to buy a battery and sort the flat rear tyre.

My neighbour who moved my and Nicola's houses when we moved here said he would help me fetch the Madass if I bought it for 5's worth of Diesel, I gave him 10 in stead, and we were home an hour after leaving with the bike.

With hopefully around 2BHP on tap from the 50cc Honda based engine, it falls a long way short of the 100BHP the 1200GS brings to the party.

I will need to get it MOT'd and Taxed in the new year once I have given it a good going over. The back wheel has a fast leak, which could be anything, I did not investigate fully. The front right indicator has a dodgy connection and works intermittently. The battery needs to be charged, or replaced, and I believe it will then be ready for its test.
For now I have removed the one mirror stalk as it was missing.
I have also washed the whole thing with Cif and Fairy liquid on an old tooth brush, and a bigger brush to get old oily and dust residue off the engine. I then washed and rinsed the whole bike again, as it had been up to the farm to get most of the pics I will post today.

This is a learning curve as always, so info, advice, comments, pisstaking etc greatly appreciated.

Cat Scan just after it got home.  Harley was over and on top of it, as previous owners have cats too.

Wanted to get a pic next to the big John Deere Tractor, but it was parked tight between other implements.

JCB will have to do.

Back at home after a wash and clean.

Nicola has seen it and just commented "UGLEEEE ! " and walked away. So not impressed.

Clean enough for now.



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Re: Got me a MADASS !! (Wife not impressed)
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2011, 07:31:28 am »
well done :thumleft: