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Author Topic: South Africa-Namibia-Botswana:general informations  (Read 566 times)

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South Africa-Namibia-Botswana:general informations
« on: April 07, 2011, 09:11:38 pm »

HellÚ everybody
my name is Maurizio, aka Momi from Italy and i'm looking for a holiday in South Africa, with a motorbike.
I found a good proposal near Cape Town 450 zar/day (350 km/day includeed), Yamaha XT 660.
In Italy i drive a Suzuki DR 350, but i'm not good in off-road..ok dirty road aren't a problem, but motocross road or sand are off limits for me. With my bike in 2008 i reached Uzbekistan overland and in 2009 Turkmenistan.
I'd like to travel from CapeTown to Namibia and Botswana, using main road. Time could be from 20 june to 14 july: fly from Italy to CapeTown. i know that in natural reserves isn't possible drive with bike, but i can leave it and taka a bus, or public service for a couple of days.
I've never been in Africa. Last year i've driven a Royal Enfield in the north of India for one month and often animals cross roads, but are cow or buffalo: what's about Africa's main roads ? My mechanical skills are more or less very close to 0: i can pump air in tires, check oil, put spray on the chain, get gas...and that's all. If i have a puncture on the way i can't repair it..just use the repair spray.
But for example from Cape Town to Walvis Bay (Namimbia) are 1659 km (from Google Maps) using the N7 (north) and after in Namibia B1 and B4: this with main roads. Whats about place where sleep, gas station ( a lot or few along the road) ? Normally i travel in a very simple way: no restaurant, five star hotel ( i prefer hostels ) or shopping.
Excuse me for my silly questons, but really except for some movie or National Geographic documentary i really don't know Africa. For example it is possible find some kind of camping ?

Just read something, but from my reports you can understand better what kind of biker i'm (  :pottytrain5: )and if is possible for me to travel in your country

2008 Italy-Russia-Kazahkstan-Kirghygistan-Uzbekistan

2009 Italy-Turkey-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakistan-Russia-Ukraina-Romania-Unghary-Italy

Thank for any kind of information
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