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Author Topic: 29 April Sunday - West of JHB  (Read 460 times)

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29 April Sunday - West of JHB
« on: May 01, 2007, 09:37:20 am »
It was a early start 07:00. from Sasol Pinehaven. As usual, I was late again and there was not enough time to grab a coffee. There were plenty groups of riders at this popular gathering place. However, it was easy to spot the Wild Dogs, whose bikes stood out from the rest. I felt slightly uneasy with my "farm bike", in the midst of this gathering.
Thanks to "blackapler", for the PM, inviting me to the ride with Wino, Grootseun

And then off we went, hitting the tar rather fast. Five riders, with me taken the 4th spot in the pack. The sweeper kept a comfortable distance, ensuring that the traffic kept a safe distance.
As fast as we moved over the tar road, we also finished over the gravel. DS Riding the way it was meant to be. I'm sure that rest of the WD's will fill-in with the route markers and directions. I must admit, that when riding in the cold it is no fun trying to even concentrate on the scenery. At one point, I was wondering, if I took a wizz in my pants, would that warm me up a bit. NO...I did not. The other riders had the audacity to brag about heated grips on their bikes...that's like really cruel.

Eventually after a great ride, which I will be taking again soon, with my blankie, termal undies, papsak or whatever meets your fancy, we took a break, when I saw the opportunity to say my farewells...OK..I was chicken, there was no way's that I would have finished at the other end "alive", except as a solid slab of frozen meat. I must say, that at this point I had taken out by video cam to grab some shots. My fingers found it difficult to mpush down on the required knobs and buttons. Frozen fingers have a life of their own.
I spotted a familiar name...."TARLTON" at the intercetion and felt safe enough that I would make my way back to JHB on my own. This is where I started to go "solo", very slowly. After the Wild Dogs left I started to dance in the road...no, I was not happy, I just needed to warm up. After about 30 minutes of warm-ups I got back onto the ride following the direction markers towards Tarlton. One very straight and exciting ride at speeds of 40 - 60 km's to reduce the wind chill factor. At least I was able to take in the scenery and grab a few photo shots along the way.

Here was an interesting sign. I stopped and walked around looking for these strange creatures and found them a short distance away.

Some other interesting shots.

Eventually, I found a very familiar sign at the end of the gravel road and knew that I was saved...just had to find a Wimpy and grab hot coffee. Going through Krugersdorp, I found McDonalds, grabbed a large coffee, with a Egg McMuffin and watched some crasy kids playing outside in the cold on the theme park. Ronald McDonald stood in front of me, laughing, saying...."you stupid donner, to go out on a bike that early, without checking weather forecasts and taking your blankie"

To my fellow Wild Dogs, "Thank You" for a great experience, I sorry, that I am unable to remember everyone's names, but trust that you will fill in the blanks.
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29 April Sunday - West of JHB
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2007, 10:11:04 am »
Hey Cono,

It was nice meeting you, we did not really take a heluva lot of pics, as we spend most of the time riding (and me stopping often for a wizz.. :?

Winoo had a great route plotted, all of 500 odd kms.

It was Farking cold..i had 3 layers of clothing and i was still shivering at certain stages..

Thanx to Wino for being our fearless leader, riding in a group of 4 is really nice, as there's not too mutch dust, and no waiting at turns..

'Twas weird having the GSV on the ride with no Welsh.. 8)