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Author Topic: The long road to Pretoria  (Read 205 times)

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The long road to Pretoria
« on: May 04, 2011, 09:11:59 pm »
This is my first RR .So will see how it goes.
Just to give back ground: Got my KTM 950 3weeks ago and planned a ride for me and my wife.She on her 650 gs carrying most of the stuff.The plan was PMB -Clarence -Clocolaan- Bft -Kimberley - Potch -Pretoria -PMB in total 2000 km.
We started Tuesday only to get strong winds from Estcourt up Oliviershoek pass. Lunch at Coyote restaurant plus fuel for the KTM and getting even stronger winds at Sterkfonteindam. I was surprised at how much better the GS was in the cross winds than the KTM.
Lovely winding roads through Goldengate and Clarence.The clouds were rolling in and out came the raingear.On and off rain up to Clocolaan.Cold and wet. Phone a friend and had a lovely braai and warm bed.
Wednesday starting with frost on the Grass but nice sunshine. Only to stop after 10km putting back on the rain gear this time for extra protection against the cold.Got to Bloem frozen but safely.Good time spend with our youngest.I saw my front tire had it and replaced it the next morning with Mitas E10.
Beautifully day on the road to The Big Hole town had a nice stroll around the area before taking the road to Hartswater visiting old varsity fiends. Next morning with a bit of a headace on our way to Potch to watch our youngest play against the Pumas.Lost in extra time. Next morning after a good breakfast and long chat with Kobus  Fourie telling us about his longtrip planned through Africa later this year(One day I want to)we took the road again.
Heavy traffic and boring road made it a hard trip to Pretoria.
Stayed with our eldest made it worth the trip. Sorted out his Dakar(my old one)and got some helmets as mine was to big and got a new owner(my son).
Monday we loaded the GS on the trailer and I followed all the way back on the KTM (could not secure both on the trailer Ha Ha)