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Author Topic: 26 May Castles of Calatrasi, Battalaro and City of Entella - Sicily - Italy  (Read 399 times)

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hello guys

Today I took a whole day for me

And to think that the day had started badly: 7 hours time .. very bad weather and then suddenly I was almost resigned when I opened the sky and the sun came up that made me company all day with temperatures ranging between 27 and 30 ! at 09:15 I was already running ..

Roccamena first stage and the Castle of Mount Calatrasi Maranfusa whose origins date back to the eleventh century. It is very evocative ruins .. but with a 360-degree view of nothing short of magnificent land. After a brief stop in town for coffee .. Dolcini and I headed to the hinterland Contessa Entellina-Bisaquino Battalari to visit the Castle, which over time has turned into a fortified farm. In the Middle Ages (until the first half of the thirteenth century), the castle dominated and controlled the existing houses in the area, inhabited by Arab villagers. Too bad that it is now in complete abandonment, but the place is really nice. From there I did stop just outside Contessa Entellina Calatamauro near the Castle, the restaurant "Refreshment Calatamauro. .. And great local cuisine to delight the palate antipasto misto rustic penne with fresh ricotta cheese, beans and fennel! A delight! After coffee I headed to the Rock of Entella. It takes its name from the ancient city of Elima Entella destroyed in the thirteenth century by about Federico II of Swabia. This is an important block. The fortress has many remains eliminated, the Hellenistic necropolis and many medieval remains. Unfortunately due to time constraints I am limited to a walk along the marked trails and information panels .. but I want to go back and climb up to the fortress. Then from there I have gone back to the house near the dam Garcia .. 200 km short of pure Goduria. Pending the report detailed look at the picture .. worth a lot. Then since we are if you go leave a comment on guestbook


ALL PICTURES HERE http://www.francescoinviaggio.it/REPORT%20SICILIA%202011/07)%2026%20Maggio%202011%20-%20Il%20Castello%20Calatrasi%20,%20Castello%20di%20Battalari,%20Rocca%20di%20Entella,%20Diga%20Garcia%20(PA).htm
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Spring time in Sicily!

Very nice pictures  :thumleft:
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