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Author Topic: 19 Jun - Adranone Mountain - Corleone - Castle of Margana - Sicily - Italy  (Read 350 times)

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Hello guys

Saturday night .. last minute I managed to arrange a nice ride for Sunday I had prepared for a long time. So found the "volunteers" we started at 08.30. I was hoping that the appointment in the morning gives us some cool .. but nothing to be done already at 08.30 the thermometer marked 28 and pulled a light wind of south wind! From the freeway we came to Sciacca at Contessa Entellina. Here the first stop was to see the Pandolfina Tower, an ancient watch tower of the twelfth century. falling in the territory of Sambuca di Sicilia. Then we arrived in Monte Adranone about 1,000 meters above sea level where there is a unique archaeological park. This is a settlement occupied by the Greeks in the sixth century. B.C. Beautiful the Acropolis with the monumental tomb of Queen and again the mighty walls and large areas of the city still largely not been exposed. From the top of an impressive view over the whole territory (see the video ..!). Then from there we made a stop in Corleone, known throughout the world .. "only" for acts of the mafia, but that actually retains a small but extraordinary monuments and beautiful nature reserve, the waterfalls of the River Park of the two rocks, a real jewel in the city. From there we moved to the restaurant Agora Prizzi to delight us with the Sicilian cuisine. Finally, through the magnificent scenery of the SP31 we came to another jewel of the Sicilian Middle Ages, little known but beautiful, the castle of Petra Margana Margana or perched on a rocky cliff isolated (470 meters) and that dominated the vast estate of the Knights Teutonic. From the point of view of the connections, the castle was in a central location, overlooking a series of paths that secondary roads passing through the great feud. An extraordinarily beautiful place. then return home. Sicily will never cease to amaze me. At the next

I forgot: temperatures  between 28 and 34 !

P.S. .. look photos and videos  .. .. and if you like (or dislike ..) .. sign the guestbook! :)

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