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Author Topic: Castrol Winterberg National enduro  (Read 640 times)

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Castrol Winterberg National enduro
« on: July 21, 2011, 09:15:06 am »

             ROVER OFF-ROAD AND ENDURO CLUB PRESENTSThe Castrol Winterberg National Enduro
Supplementary Regulations - 13th August 2011
This event is held under the General Competition Rules and Standing Supplementary Regulations of Motor Sport South Africa (MSA), the EP Enduro regulations, these Supplementary Regulations, Commission Circulars and any Final Instructions issued by the Organisers. The information contained in these Supplementary Regulations is for the benefit of competitors. Please read through them carefully in order that you fully understand the running of the event.
GCR’s and SSR’s
Competitor’s and Entrant’s attention is drawn to the following GCR’s and SSR’s
GCR’s 62, 95, 96, 100, 118, 122, 156, 162, 247, 259, 109 (iv), 152(viii), 200(viii), 238(i), 99(i), 99(v), 99(vii)
Enduro and Off-Road SSR’s: Art’s 1, 3, 6, 9(a), 9(b), 12, 17, 24, 27. SSR345 and SSR347 (d)
Rover Enduro and Off Road Club
Web Page: www.rovermcc.co.za
Contact:               Mike Glover       Chairman                             0836013287
Ian Mirk               Vice Chairman                   0827847330
VENUE:  This event will be held at PPC in the Hankey District
DATE:  13 August 2011
EVENT AND STATUS:                                     
This event will be the 5th round of the South African Liquorland Enduro Championship and the3rdround of the EP Regional Enduro Championship. It will start at 16h00 on the 12 August 2011 when documentation commences and will be finished once the results are final.
Refer to Enduro Article 1. The event will consist of a combination of Regularity and Special Stages. The route will consist of loops to be ridden 2-4 times totalling approx. 180km’s and there will be one DSP for all competitors.
Where the entrant is not the rider, an entrants licence must be obtained from MSA prior to the submission of the entry form, failing which the entrant’s name may not be published in the Official Programme or Results.
All competitors who have not yet obtained an annual competition number from MSA must do so prior to entering by contacting Cindy on 011 4662440.
The advertising material must be displayed on competing motorcycles as follows: The Liquorland sticker must be on the LEFT Fork AREA between the triple clamps and the sliders (upside down forks) or the area of the lower front forks (conventional forks) AND MUST BE FORWARD FACING and the CASTROL sticker must be on the RIGHT Fork AREA between the triple clamps and the sliders (upside down forks) or the area of the lower front forks (conventional forks) AND MUST BE FORWARD FACING.
Inspection of these will be carried out at the Start and any competitor not complying will not be allowed to start the event until they comply, no time allowance will be given to comply. Replacement decals will be available at the Start at R500 per set. If a competitor needs replacement decals prior to the start, they will be provided free of charge.
Regional Classes are as per EP Regional Enduro Regulations:
Club:  For the benefit of novice, ladies and social riders we have the following non-championship classes – Novice, Social, and Ladies.
Entries open immediately and close at 17h00 on Monday 1 August 2011 for National Classes with Regional and Club entries close at 17h00 on Monday 8 August 2011.Late entries will be accepted until 21h00 Wednesday 10 August 2011, at an additional fee of R200.00.  Late entries WILL be started at the back. Please ensure that proof of payment accompanies the entry form.
Entry forms that are not fully completed with the information as requested and not accompanied by the relevant fee and proof of payment, cannot be accepted.
National:  Open / 200cc                                                                 R850.00
National:  Seniors / Masters / Silver                                         R750.00
National:  400+                                                                                  R700.00
Regional: Open / Silver / Master / seniors / juniors           R300.00
Club: Novice/Social / Ladies                                                         R250.00
Faxed / E-mail Entries;
The preferred method of entry is via e-mail wherever possible. Competitors wishing to enter by fax or e-mail should deposit their entry fee directly into Rover’s bank account as detailed below and are fax / e-mail the deposit slip, Entry, Self Scrutineering and Medical Information forms to the number given below.  Please enter your name and competition number under the reference on the deposit slip to ensure that it gets credited to the correct entry.You must ensure Original Entry Form, Bank Deposit Slip and Medical Aid Information Forms are at documentation.The entry list will be on: www.rovermcc.co.za and www.mqoecommission.co.za and www.e-dirt.co.za and will be updated from time to time.
Banking Details;                                Account Name:                                 Rover Enduro   
Bank:                                     FNB                                       
AccountNumber:             4591138424         
Branch Code:                     210417
Fax Numbers:                    0865058368 or 041 366 2130
E-mail Addresses:            youngs@aerosat.co.za or ism@iafrica.com
In order to assist, we have provided that competitors that cannot do documentation on Friday 12 August 2011, can by prior arrangement complete documentation on the 13 August 2011 at 6.30, provided their entries complete with payment have already been received.  Please communicate with us beforehand to ensure this arrangement is in place.
Riders briefing is compulsory and will be held on 13 August 2011 at 07h30 on the starting line at Main Control.   Competitors will in addition, be provided with a written briefing.
3 August 2011

18h00 to 20h30  : Documentation at the Rover Motorcylce Club.

10 August 2011

18h00 to 21h00: Documentation at the Rover Motorcycle Club

12 August 2011
16h00 to 21h00: Documentation and Self Scrutineering will take place at PPC
13th August 2011
06h30                    :               Documentation by special arrangement
07h00:                                   All riders on the start line
07h30                 :                  Riders Briefing at position 1 on the start line
08h00                 :                  Start of the event – DEAD ENGINE START
16h30:  Last competitors expected to finish
18h00:  Posting of Provisional Results
19h30                 :                  Prize Giving will commence at PPC
The start/finish will be at PPC Main Control and there will be one working area for all competitors.  Refer Enduro Article 24 – Outside Assistance.Refuse bags will be issued at documentation, and we ask that you please assist us in keeping the area clean, dispose of all waste and papers in these bags and dump them in the demarcated areas.
At race headquarters – PPC.The Official Notice Board on race day will be situated at Main Control, PPC.  All official notices will be posted on this board and competitors are requested to check the notice board periodically.The Official Notice Board after the last competitors have finished on race day, 13 August 2011 will be moved and situated at the PPC Hall.  All official notices and results will be posted on this board.
Clerk of the Course                         Geoff Blandford – T455
MSA Steward                                    Clint Rieper – CTN012
Club Steward                                     Andrew Bage – T060
Secretary of the Meeting             Terri Young – T453
Chief Timekeeper                            Ian Mirk and Team
Environmental Officer                   Mike Munna
Chief Marshal                                    Willie Zietsman
Chief Medical Officer                     Conrad Seymour
Emergency Services                        ECMR
Special Stage Advisors                   Wayne Pettit
Route Director                                  Ross Guscott - T642 / Ian Wright
Provisional results will be posted at 18h00. These will be posted on the Official Notice Board at PPC Main Hall.  Subject to no protests being received, these will become final 30 minutes later.
With the exception of the Stewards of the Meeting and any Observers who may be appointed, all officials are authorised to assist competitors. 
Organisers may choose to make special awards.  Awards in the form of trophies will be made to the riders 1st to 3rd in classes other than national. 
There will be sweep marshals to pick up riders who are stranded.  Competitors are to note that the organisers are not obliged under any circumstances to provide service for the recovery of motorcycles, although Rover will endeavour to assist where possible.
Crossing of Public / District Roads
As the organiser we have fully acquainted ourselves with SSR 341 of the MSA NonCircuit Handbook with regards to crossing of public/district roads.We the organisers are also aware and have acquainted ourselves with the provisions of Section 317 of the Road Traffic Act and confirm that the event officials have been made aware of the above section.By allowing the event to proceed we accept that all requirements are complied with and where applicable all relevant permissions are in place.
The event will be staged on private property – however the tracks must be treatedlive at all times.  Private property not specifically on the route is out of bounds to all except race officials.  Regretfully, failure to adhere to this ruling will be penalised with EXCLUSION.
Refuelling and servicing will take place at the start/finish in a designated area (DSP). 
Competitor’s attention is drawn to the MSA Environmental Code. STRICTLY NO PIT BIKES, PEE WEE’S & QUADS ALLOWED AT THE VENUE.
Directions from JHB: Drive over the Van Stadens Bridge and turn left at Gamtoos, Hankey, Loerie turn off. At the intersection turn right and drive past Loerie. At the top of the hill turn right to PPC.
The roads will be marked with dayglo red stickers from the main road turn off.
Directions from Cape Town: Drive over the Gamtoos River Bridge on the N2 into PE.  Turn right at the next turn off to Hankey, and Loerie. At the intersection turn left and proceed past Loerie.  At the top of the hill turn right to PPC. Markers will be on the secondary roads From Off Ramp to PPC turn-off is 16.4km. GPS Co-Ordinates at Venue: 33’49”19.57S and 24’58”27.35E
Accommodation:  Contact Jenny Mirk 083 228 5642.  Accommodation will be available at the venue at a cost of R120.00 per bed x 2 nights (there are 90 beds available).
Catering:  There will be food stands at the venue from early Saturday morning till evening. There will be no meal tickets but food will be on sale till late. There will not be food on Friday night.

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Re: Castrol Winterberg National enduro
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Lovely poster! :thumleft:

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Re: Castrol Winterberg National enduro
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See U there  :thumleft:
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Re: Castrol Winterberg National enduro
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I`m gonna be away! :'(

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Re: Castrol Winterberg National enduro
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what happened to my post?  ???