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Author Topic: 1-2 October 2011 national Reserve Palazzo Adriano and Valley of Sosio- Sicily -  (Read 354 times)

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Used motorcycles: BMW R 1200 GS

Stages: Palermo-Corleone-Piana degli Albanesi Palazzo Adriano Palermo-Campofiorito-Roccamena-

Countries visited: Italy

Regions visited: Sicily

Km covered: 220

Duration: 1 day and a half



10/01/2011 (km 100) 10.00 hours spring day, perfect for riding bikes. We will spend a weekend at Palazzo in the heart of Hadrian Mountains Natural Reserve of Palazzo Adriano and Sosius Valley. We booked a room at the Country-Resort "Casale Borgia" http://www.casaleborgia.it a beautiful property surrounded by greenery. SP5 from Piana degli Albanesi and then through the SS118 come to Corleone for a short coffee break. From here we come short in Palazzo Adriano, crossing the famous square made famous worldwide by the Oscar winning film "Cinema Paradiso". At about 3 km from the center is Casale Borgia. We arrange our luggage and we devote the rest of the day to discover these extraordinary places. At about 3 km to the "Stone of Solomon" http://paleoitalia.org/places/12/palazzo-adriano/ We park the bike and descend into the valley of grazing herds of cows that look a little 'curious by our presence. This large block of stone representing the largest block of Permian limestone Sosius Valley, known worldwide as an important place for the preservation of fossils of marine life of the Permian period precisely. Given the kind of stone the identification of fossils is not easy. Over the years this place has been robbed of the greatest treasures are now exhibited in museums around the world. Inside the stone is a natural cave transformed in the past as a refuge for men and herds. Very impressive on the inside. We enjoy this beautiful nature walks. He made time for lunch so we decide to jump in a room that I already know in Palazzo Adriano. It's Trattoria-Restaurant of the Avenue at the entrance of the town Tel 3334452231. The house specialty is the fresh pasta and roasted meats. For the occasion, a delicious appetizer of cheeses and cold cuts and a good plate of pasta with meat sauce covered with a mountain of ricotta salata, in short, a real treat for the palate. After the inevitable coffee we take the bike to bring us through a road in poor conditions faced only with an enduro at the "Saracen Stone" (also known as the Rock of St. Benedict) about 8 km from the village, a peak of about 20 meters presents a ladder carved into the rock leading to the summit. According to historical sources would be used by the Byzantines as part of a system of lookouts. In the middle of the stairs you will see a tank dug into the rock for water harvesting and on top of the remains of a gatehouse. From here a magnificent view across the valley. Let's go back to the hotel to enjoy a little 'relaxation with a dip in the indoor pool of the hotel and a short walk around. In the evening dinner and then absolute rest!

02/10/2011 (km 120) - Another beautiful sunny day welcomed our awakening. We make a leisurely breakfast in the restaurant chatting with the kind of Casale and Ms. Illuminata nice that manages the facility. Before you go take a walk in the surrounding soil where there is a nice colt, who loves to be petted like a dog as well as pose for pictures! Fixed bikes we head towards the Lake Range, a small reservoir in the valley where the river Sosius. The place is charming silent. Beautiful colorful butterflies attract our attention and we must be careful not to step on hundreds of crickets jumping here and there. From here we go through a short path off-road to visit what remains of the Mill Cesareo. From SS188c Campofiorito come to where we stop for a sandwich Magyar. From here through the SP110, SP59 and SP44 of the beautiful places we pass through, into nothing more than absolute. Only cultivated fields and grazing cattle. A beautiful landscape at every turn until you reach the village of Roccamena and from there through the SS624 to return home. Until next time.
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