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Author Topic: Loerie area: Dangerous turn warning  (Read 309 times)

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Loerie area: Dangerous turn warning
« on: March 29, 2012, 11:16:18 pm »
On Wednesday 21 March my father-in-law and I took the road from Loerie to Gamtoos Ferry Hotel, but rode past the turn off to breakfast at Spekboom Lapa. The Lapa only opened an hour later than we arrived so we decided to cruise down the road to check out the scenery. About 200m past FENNELS there is a fork in the road, but the turn that comes up is quite a bit sharper to the left (tar) and a gravel road leads off to the right. The entire intersection is covered in fine grit and stones which are thrown up from the gravel road. We were traveling at 80km/h, but had to apply brakes to make the turn to the left. Skoonpa's Vulcan went down on the gravel and came to a halt after a spectacular slide of about 20m. No serious injuries, but his old rugby-knee has now decided enough's enough so he had an operation two days ago to remove cartilage and check out ligaments.
The farmers who came past both said that he was the fourth biker to go down in recent time. Someone on a big trailie took out a section of fence, wrote off his bike and broke his wrist.

After my recce at the accident site I rode on to the Ferry Hotel and headed back to PE via Van Stadens Pass. It was a particularly quiet morning. Note the mirror-smooth river! Less than 20 minutes later the wind picked up enough to push me sideways as on the N2 and Greenbushes Road.
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