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Author Topic: Danger between Uitenhage and Steytlerville  (Read 397 times)

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Danger between Uitenhage and Steytlerville
« on: May 19, 2012, 03:40:52 pm »
Hi dogs,

Went on a trip last weekend to Steytlerville. Myself on GS 800, Dad on his 1200 Adv and a friend on his KTM 990. Took the gravel road Cockscomb (mn50262) just outside Uitengage to Steytlerville. The gravel was nothing technical, cruising around 100km/h with Dad leading the way.

All went good and well until 20km outside Steytlerville. Keeping my dust gap, I see Dad in the distant laying on the ground. Quickly slowing down, I unexpectedly came upon a moerse drift that was water damaged with Dad and the bike laying on the other end of it. Stopped and got off my bike seeing he was in a lot of pain, trying to keep him still. Took off his gear and gave him some water. At that point the other friend arrived. After a while he tried to stand up, but that did no work out so well. Seemed like he had a concussion not knowing where he is. Sat him back down and after that he seemed ok. A farmer then stopped at the scene offering to take him to the local doctor. Come there, no doctor in sight. Decided to take him to Willowmore hospital about 70km away. Got some pain pills, injection, arm sling and a painful night sleep at the lodge.

Took him to Hospital in PE Sunday afternoon and found out that the fall teared of all the muscle and ligaments in his right shoulder unable to keep the shoulder in his socket. Going for a OP next week in CT hoping it will go well.

To all the dogs planning to travel on this road please beware of this drift as it is not properly marked with danger signs. The first marker being only 15m from the drift.

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Re: Danger between Uitenhage and Steytlerville
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