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Author Topic: Of Dust & Men (Day 5)  (Read 831 times)

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Of Dust & Men (Day 5)
« on: January 30, 2006, 11:36:28 am »
Day 5

As a result of the klr?s unknown problem, we decided that we would split up for the day. Ze Germans would stick to the gravel backroads that we initially planned to ride, while Heinie & me would take the tar highways to Oudtshoorn. We were bargaining on finding a bike repair shop there for the klr.

Just outside the Karoo Hotel, riding back to Steytlerville:

In Steytlerville there is a monument dedicated to some of the locals that have fallen in The Great War:

Funny sign, depending on your state of perception!

About 40k?s outside of Steytlerville Heinie realised that the nut on his steering column was loose! So we stopped to fasten the bugger. However, we realised that none of us had the tool to do it! I went to the nearby farm and borrowed a set of sockets from the friendly farmer. The whole exercise took us about 2,5 hrs.

No center stand, so we were given to lift the bike onto this concrete sign that was ?lying? next to the road. How fortunate! (Further note for shopping list: center stand)

The bugger!

And while we were sweating it out next to the road, Ze Germans were having a good ride.

And more than a good ride!

We eventually reached Oudtshoorn and located the resident bike mechanic. The forks were opened up but nothing sinister was found. New oil was put in and according to Heinie it felt better. However, due to the nut of the steering column that was loose previously it felt like the bearings may have taken a very slight knock, but luckily not enough to give up! (He is actually still riding it as is!)

So, after a longish stay in Oudtshoorn, we took the road out to the Kango Mountain Resort where we would meet up with Ze Germans for the night.

Strange, beautiful horses just roaming?

I missed the turnoff to the resort and rode on another 10k?s before I realised my mistake. But it was worth it.

Back at the resort, Heinie showing off his fossil that developed over the few days of riding, or was everyone getting too familiar after a few days? lack of female presence?

At the end of a frustrating day, knocking back a few cold ones ? referring to the beers!

The evening Venter and I volunteered to go in search of some food. We found this impressive restaurant a few k?s from the resort, where the antelope was very tame. You will have to go a long way to experience something like this. Venter feeding a kudu and an eland.

Tomorrow we?ll enter ?Die Hel??

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Of Dust & Men (Day 5)
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2006, 12:03:06 pm »
Very sweet report... great reporting mate...!!!!!!!! 8)  8)  8)
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