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Author Topic: Oman Musandam November 2012  (Read 1004 times)

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Oman Musandam November 2012
« on: November 20, 2012, 02:27:35 pm »
Oman ride report – 15 November 2012 Part 1

I received a call from Skaiidawg, he was doing a ride to Oman Musandam and asked me to join.

This was later confirmed that there would be 5 x 990’s going

1.   Skaiidawg
2.   atkinse
3.   Corndawg
4.   Co88er
5.   Eric

The plan was made to meat in Dubai at 06h00. That meant that Eric and I would need to leave Abu Dhabi at 04h45 to be there in time. Eric and I met up bright and early and headed through to Dubai.

From here it was through Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah and the Oman Border.

Going through the border was not much of an issue, busy due to the public holiday here but no real issues. Eric got stranded due to system problem and we had to wait for him to get sorted out.

Once he got through everyone was eager to get going except for Skaiidawg’s 990 that decided it had enough. The battery was gone, looks like it dropped a call, 10.3 Volts end of ride.


Once we had arranged recovery we had to leave the man behind and get on our way. Not a nice feeling.

From here we headed along the coast, one of the most amazing roads along the coast. Some sharp corners and cutbacks, unreal.

Time for a fuel stop and some breakfast

Have a look at the fuel price. R30 for 12.55 liters, lovely

Some Yemen Chow for Brekkie

Corndawg and atkinse


After a nice hearty breakfast it was off to the mountains.

Here at the turnoff to Pirates Cove (Gravel at last)

Co88er and Eric at the view to Pirates Cove

The Road Down to Pirates Cove, awesome stuff. Very steep and loose gravel.

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Re: Oman Musandam November 2012
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Lekker china!
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