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Author Topic: ..KTM 640 Adventure reliability...  (Read 3051 times)

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Re: ..KTM 640 Adventure reliability...
« Reply #40 on: June 10, 2008, 08:16:42 am »
Hi Guys,

I have owned many bikes in my riding career (24yrs). I might have been lucky, I might not ride my bikes into the ground, I might just maintain them better than a dealer would, but I have owned 5 ktms ranging from 380, 525, 990, 640 and here is my take.

All have been EXTREMELY reliable, I have not had 1 days shite with any of them. My latest one is the 640 and am loving it.

But lets be realistic - oil leaks happen, its called mass production and its bound to hpen that a faulty gasket or torque wrench gets in somewhere.

What I do agree on with most of you is how the dealer handles the problem. I have seen dealers get a bike with an oil leak and just tighten the gasket, clean the bike and give it back.

thats just wrong, it leaking for a reason and you need to find out why.

My perception of BMW (bikes and cars): bmw makes a great product. they are well engineered and reliable. I feel they are designed with this in mind: "BMW bikes will get you there safely, reliably and in comfort, albeit with a loss in fun factor" with this in mind, most bmw are at home on the tar and are able to go off road. like a 70/30 split.

I will not own a BMW because I feel their customer service sucks so in the end their product as a WHOLE fails.

KTM on the other hand: KTM makes a great product too, but they appeal to a different market. they are well engineered (the best in the offroad world) and for me - reliable. KTM are designed with this in mind: "KTM will get you there safely and reliable, but with a ton of fun factor" KTM don't build comfy bikes, cos when you off road on one you are having too much fun to notice the seat is a bit too hard etc. KTM's are at home in the dirt, but can go on the tar too (70dirt/30tar).

I like KTM because I love offroad, and love working on my bike myself, I do all the maintainence myself and that way I know i have used the correct torque wrench and not stripped every nut, then turn it back half a turn like some mechanics do.

Everyone has their opinions, thats what makes this world what it is. you can't shoot someone down for their opinion.

KTMS work best FOR ME, but BMW may work best for you.


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