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Author Topic: BMW Motorrad - Novice Course  (Read 391 times)

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BMW Motorrad - Novice Course
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:55:24 am »
I posted this on MyBB as well, but seeing all the love the ADA training gets, I thought I'd share it here as well :)

BMW Motorrad Novice course write-up

So, I went to the novice course over the weekend. This was my experience as someone who, until this weekend, had never ridden a motorcycle before.

The course started at 08:30ish and we went all the way to 16:30 - it included about 40minutes at around 12:00 for a nice lunch, including a pudding.

We were 5 people on the course starting out, there was a couple that took the course as a "failed" date, as the boyfriend never told the GF what they were doing and apparently she is deathly afraid of anything with two wheels - they left after lunch, so we were 3 by the end of the course.

The day started with some theory, basically, where and what controls there are, the effect they have on the bike and importantly, what NOT to do. This lasted about 15 minutes, so avoided boredom. Then we all got fitted in BMW supplied gloves, jackets and helmets, and moved to the motorcycles. They had 4 of the new G310R cycles available, and the latecomers - the couple - had to use one of their older Yamaha 250's - so arrive early if you plan on doing this course.

They had us holding the bike on its balance point moving around the bike and changing our grip on it several times, just so you can see that the bike wants to stay upright. After this, we had an explanation of the start-up process, how to mount the bike, where the kill switch is, the different ways to switch it off etc. then, with the bike started, we walked it by having the clutch in the friction zone - uphill - so you can't BS your way through it. And playing with the front brake. Back down to where we started and we mounted the bikes, put them in first and basically repeated the exercise but riding on the bikes this time.

Once that was finished, we were told to change gears and given a short loop to ride, basically, changing from 1st to 2nd the whole time, whilst getting a feel for the front brakes. The next exercise was pulling away on an uphill - what a bitch  but pretty soon, with the explanation of the sweet spot on the brakes etc we were going at it full steam - this was followed by an "outride" through the Zwartkops area - not on the track at all, just the roads around it. Never leaving the premises though, as that would require a license, or learners at least. This was the last exercise before lunch and from here onwards the content is the same as the "refresher" course they present. It started with some more theory, around road positioning and safe riding - 20minutes, so short again.

First post lunch exercise was another outride through the track area, just to get everyone re-acquainted. Then we started with slow control and maneuvers - trying to go through cones placed way too close together, whilst dragging the rear brake and keeping the engine revs a little higher, looping around and coming back trying again. From there we moved on emergency braking - which was interesting, to get your confidence levels up, after which we got showed how to pick up a 1200GS, in a way that makes it easier. Finally, we moved on to a counter steering exercise and that concluded the day.

Take aways - I was under the impression that I'll buy the bike the one day and start riding to work the next. This opened up my eyes to realise that there is a lot of practicing to be done first, and I'll probably take a month after buying the bike to practice some more of these techniques.

Through every exercise, there was two instructors helping us, guiding us and reminding us to keep our eyes up. They were watching your clutch hand, your rear braking and front braking. Overall, they were fantastic.

TL;DR - I am not sure how anyone starts riding on the road without having done something similar. The course is awesome, and by the end of the day, I was confidant enough in my own skills, but also aware of my shortcomings so I know there is a lot of work. Well worth the money!

Feel free to ask any questions.

*disclaimer, I might've missed some stuff here and there, but I'm confident I have the gist of it written down.

Linking this from my write up on MyBB: https://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php/655387-MyBB-Motorcycle-Owners-Thread/page173
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Re: BMW Motorrad - Novice Course
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2018, 09:45:19 pm »
I totally agree with you!!

I had my wife do this course as well (because I love her so much we decided it's safer to learn there instead of me trying to teach her)

I would also recommend the course to any new rider and there after also the defensive driving course they offer.

I have done the off-road course with them as I came from a quad biking background which is totally different from adventure biking and the skills / techniques I learnt there was something money can't buy!!!

Money well spent I would say...

Here are some pictures of my wife's training and then when she got onto my bike afterwards...

Stay safe.

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