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Author Topic: KTM Trade-In (Trade-Up?)  (Read 629 times)

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Re: KTM Trade-In (Trade-Up?)
« Reply #20 on: November 08, 2021, 11:17:23 am »
Its also about timing on these newer models.

When I first looked at selling my 1290, I was getting very low trade in offers and even private sales numbers.  Speaking to dealers at the time, guys either wanted a very good deal on a used 1290, or would rather spring the money for a brand new one.....nothing really in the middle.

Now with the new one, and more used ones available that middle market is back and I seem to be able to ask a bit more for my bike now that a year or 2 ago.  Weird, but it seems to be the case.

market is weird

off topic: I had a 330d BMW I wanted to sell, but high mileage, they offered me less for it because of this than the offers I got 2 years later with slightly more mileage but then the mileage was more in line with year model.
My ideal second hand buy now is high mileage but new. (bought that bmw with 70k km on, 1 year old)
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Re: KTM Trade-In (Trade-Up?)
« Reply #21 on: November 08, 2021, 11:36:21 am »
The S model was around R164k new in 2019 if I recall? Not quite a 50% drop in value.

The S models in KTM range (1190, 1090, 1050, 1290) have always had poor resale value, as is evident on this forum as well.

R models still holding value reasonably well.
Having said that, the release of 890 has definitely had a influence on 790 resale value.


The 890 release also sent a clear message; your 790 is yesterday's hero.

Considering the 890 is just the 790 with a couple more CC's and minor tweaks.....Not really.    If you took all the plastics off an 890 they'd fit on the 790. Same with all the accessories, controls, pegs etc.  It's 98% the same motorcycle.

No, it's far from the same motorcycle. The 890 seems not to have the clutch failures, the blown shocks and the pesky oil leaks. So, definitely not just an overbored 790.

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Re: KTM Trade-In (Trade-Up?)
« Reply #22 on: November 08, 2021, 12:09:51 pm »
I must be a lucky Bastid then with none of these or other issues on my 790. Now that Big Oil has fucked off the Workshops are empty. :imaposer: :spitcoffee:
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