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Author Topic: [AUS] Throttles Pinned All Day :-))  (Read 558 times)

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[AUS] Throttles Pinned All Day :-))
« on: October 26, 2006, 07:02:15 am »
Sticky WOT???
 :rofl:  :rofl:
You want a Diablo?
Here ya go, mate?.. a 2.75x17 semi-knobbie of questionable Asian origin?.BOTH ends.

Suspension? Yep!?suspenseful it is.   :lol:
USD forks ??once you?re in the greenery pretty much all of it will be USD ....  :shock:  :muahaha:

Brakes, too?  WTF you want them for? The thing only goes 80 or so?

The pressed-steel swingarm hasn?t even got bearings, bushes will do?
The frame is galvanised pipe/ pressed tin and the whole thing feels like a wet sponge?.everywhere and all the time.

And there is your postie?.now go and ride the living shit out of it !

And so we did.
The 4 boys from Ballarat, Will (a 2-months learner) Tim and I.
And by Gosh, did I learn some lessons!!

Close quarters cluster-riding, paint?s no issue, they?re all red (except Tim?s?but it?s a bit more red now).
Slipstreaming, strategic weaving to shake the one behind and stop them creeping level or even through before the next bend... :lol:
Doesn?t work all the time, head bobbing right/ left continuously to check mirrors and check who?s where?.before it?s 2 and half abreast into the next lefthander, with another 2 trying to grab the packrack to slow down the front-runner.

Stimulating...yep?.from 60 upwards it?s a fulltime job to keep the thing running straight without the added ?help?. Bobbing and bouncing, the 110cc pogo-stick develops it?s own live, pretty much independent so to say?.

Running ?for real? on dirt, the auto-clutch has a few other ideas when down-shifting. Either the sucker?s OUT?.or it?s a guaranteed compression lockup.
Hooking into bends while already shifted-down (but holding the lever to prevent the clutch binding midcorner), the sailing-under brakes-and-prayers is?.ahem?.un-nerving.
And leaves one possible foot-down out of the game?.  :shock:  

Both ends bucking and weaving is standard-issue?and separately at that.
And out of tune?...like the wheels that just wouldn?t be any fun if they?d run straight and true making for a bucketful of apexes?.every corner.
Entertaining when cluster-carving down the Reefton twisties at full tilt.

The pegs are bolted to a solid bar that runs underneath the engine, and yo?they flip up. Once cranked over though, the mounts hit the deck when going in earnest and levering the screaming little bucket clean off terra firma.

As there?s absolutely NOTHING coming from the mill exiting corners, one tends to go in HOT, damn hot keeping overall speed through the bend and beyond.

And that?s riding the old style, bike as upright as possible to stop the flriggin pegs digging in, hanging off and sticking that shoulder over the top of the front hoop, arse up, the kisser sucked to the bars.

Through the Dandenongs to Emerald and Gembrook and young Will is showing some teeth. The lightest of the bunch, he?s also the quickest. The one who can drag out top gear the longest during the slow death on the uphills.
It?s tight, way tighter than what I?m used to. Everyone trying to squeeze an extra 0.5kmh out of the little mill. Shadow-riding all the way.
Gembrook-Launching Place in formation flight?.another small group of 3 bikes catching up, the last one of them  a BabyBlade just as we?re getting into the twisties.

One of the ?Balla-rats? in front of me, the Blade overtakes me, then tries to go past the front-runner.
The postie swings wide for the entry?Blade is blocked. Postie pulls ahead through the bend, Blade catches up, juuust as the postie swings out again for the next bend?and on it went for a good half-dozen corners until a longer straight sees the Bladie pop the cork and go for it.
I nearly wet myself watching the show?hilarious.

Then a single Harley roars past through that looooon dip and the deadly uphiller?5km later and in the twisties again, we run up the tail of the Hog.
Another few bends and the postie cluster would?ve been ahead?.damn straights!!

Up the old Don Rd. towards Healesville?and the dirt of Pantons Gap.
The ?Balla-rats? pull ahead, Youg Will is going like the clappers, Tim makes a move on me. ?Moves? usually involve draughting and he got me this time just as we?re barrelling towards a blind righthander, each with both wheels dancing, head down, screaming 3. gear.
A car comes the other way, Tim worried about cutting me off, he keeps the hammer on, slowly creeping left. Waaaay too bloody hot for the corner. Watching him run wide, brake-light coming on far too late, he?s a goner.

Watching the inevitable in slow motion 10m ahead ain?t pretty. I can see the bike out of shape, fishtailing hard, then the rear slams into a gravel-berm, standing bolt upright for a split-second... straightening out?..and off he goes, nose pointing where it should.

The backroad gravel to the top of Mt. Donna Buang is another exciting stretch, Will decks it on the big gravel section while mucking around, trying spin-outs.

The single lane dirt is quite good, it?s single-file now with only the occasional drag-race. Then come some sections of wet, mushy sludge?the tyre-marks are over an inch deep and there?s no other way but through.

The Balla-rats up front just barrel through, full tilt, no evasive action to be seen from the back. Ok then?.BEWDIFUL ! Just keep it pinned and it?ll be sweet?bit of a crooked line, but sweet. The mighty CT just plows through, mud splattering everywhere. Will tries to overtake, hanging wide for a 100m stretch and hitting one of those ?mush?-patches just as car comes the other way. There?s eyes like dunnyseats in my mirrors?
Somehow he skids back into line?
During the quick-stop at the top of Donna Buang, Will points to my bike?..it?s dripping petrol?.LOADS of it !!
Yours Stupid had switched to the secondary tank shortly before and being mounted higher than the normal tank, it not just fed the carbie, but also re-filled the OEM tank, now pushing copious amounts of juice out of the vented filler cap under the seat.  For the last 5km or so I was sitting on a bomb.      :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:

Downhill Donna Buang and cluster-carving is back on the menu, then the 14km of dirt of the Acheron Way, the tall trees making the road appear half as wide as what it is.
Glimpses across the valley. Perfect blue skies above?

The sealed part out to Narbethong is just magic?.a pack of screaming posties, all maxed out through the treed section, twists and turns a 80plus, arse out and hanging on.  :jump:

One of those dropped sections of tar catches me out badly, tight on the inside of a lefthander, cramping right hand, head bobbing between those 2 mirrors for attacks from the back?.we shoot out the other side of the trough?.both wheels off the deck after a spine-jarring whack. Coming down, she settles on the blocks and things are a bit awkward for a moment till the front-end stops gyrating.     :ommpa:

A quick stop at the Marysville intersection in Narbethong, 3 of us take off up that loooooong climb. Clutches slipping in 2. and 3. any upshift is a semi-lost game as the speed dies before the clutch finally bites.
Just across the top for Will, Tim and I?.and there?s nobody coming.
Turning back a short stretch?. and there are our mates, one postie getting towed by his mate aaaaaaall the way up that endless hill (it?s about 4-5km).
First gear only, the tow-CT is 2 mins short of meltdown.
A busted chain with it?s front end jammed askew between sprocket and engine housing, the tail of the chain wrapped in loops around the packrack.

100 more meters to the top?then downhill, mainly, into Marysville. But there are a few flat bits and short rises in between.
I shoot ahead to the Marysville Servo, organizing an 8/10mm socket and other bits, lucky I quickly grabbed the spare chain-link off the garage shelf this morning.

The guys made the sensible decision to take the ?dead-un off the leash?, let it run down the hill by itself, then someone riding behind it with his boot against the packrack?.pushing the ?limper? into town?..works like a charm.  :clap:  :clap:  :clap:
The busted-one shoots down Maryville Main Street dead-silent?.at 60 plus, squealing brakes into the servo, finishing the stealth-run with a little stoppie on top  of the 8mm socket.
Fuggen Brilliant !! :wave:

A quick bite, then the 12km or so uphill to Lake Mountain turnoff?screaming third or dying-in-the-arse forth?slipstreaming becomes an art form, pulling out with that extra poofteenth of speed and still enough usable road before the next corner is the game?.and mostly ends up 2 or 3 side-by-side into the bend, chin on the headlight, arse in beg-me position, the one or other sitting on the packrack to fold the upper body even lower over the top of the front.
No quitting, no flinching. Gauge your line through and bloody STICK TO IT !
And check for anyone trying to run the third line on the inside?or outside....or over the top  8)  8)
Across the top and Cumberland Junction? it?s now down the Reefton.
Just about traffic free apart from the 2 Dukes coming uphill, staring totally stumped at the pack of posties coming at them.
And coming they were?

The Grande Finale?.the knives were out.
The Balla-Rats seemed to have decided that it was time to show the ?locals? how things are done and the jostling for positions along the ridge was fierce.  8)  :lol:

Off the ridge-stretch and into the downhill stuff it was hammer and tongs !
Inside foot down as the bike scrabbled through the corner, one of the bloody things still had enuff oil in it to spray it onto jacket and visor of the following rider.  :angry:  :)

Compression lockups to use the skidding rear to set up for some of those real tight ones?.. it was just about too much fun watching and riding at the same time.
Pack-diving into a tight-right, tearing the bars straight and the bike felt weightless for that moment it came over the top to crank into the next leftie.
Mirror check?outside clear, inside frontwheel to backwheel in the front, with the next frontwheel showing on the inside rear. It?ll be tight, it?s only a 20m straight at best?..  

Yep, enough space for the foot-out? hanging high to the last instant just to make sure the guy in the rear had pulled back? and in she goes. Body over the front, elbows wiiiide, bum across and? on the twister. Come in tight, check the outside, good view through the next right, it?s clear?.use the draught and flick it out, hitting the anchors earlier for the tighter inside radius?.shit, he?s staying with me, bastard doesn?t quit !!   :flame:  
2 bends down and I was out-gunned by the one behind me, kicking too early into 4th and the friggin clutch wouldn?t bite?  :lol:

OMG?.what a cracker of a ride.

Never thought that a little thing could corner as fast as THAT.
I?d never even try it with a bigger bike, the slingshot effect of the bigger weight  sets limits a lot sooner. Sure, missed the bang for the straights, uphillers and other places, but downhill through the tight stuff? Barrelling through the slushy mud? Gimme a postie for that stupid grin at the end of the day.
The grin that hurts just below the ears.

And just for the record?the usually very accurate digi-dial showed 93 tops when the rev-limiter pulled the pin on that slalom-like straight.  :upyrs:    
Then, who knows, some of them knobs are missing from the knobbies?.
Ohhh?.think I came third or even second on the Reefton Downhiller, so the ?Rats? didn?t have it all to themselves.
Who cares, the blood?s still boiling      :thumbs:  

ACE day mates

 :thumbs:  :clap:  :thumbs:

NB: Hats off to Will, the 2-months Learner....what a job !!!!!!!
 :chug:  :chug:

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[AUS] Throttles Pinned All Day :-))
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2006, 08:41:42 am »
Great stuff...thoroughly enjoyed that report, something completely different. Must be great to be able to thrash the old bike around without care of consequence.
When in doubt...grab throttle!!!


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[AUS] Throttles Pinned All Day :-))
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2006, 09:27:56 am »
Quote from: "Clockwork Orange"
Great stuff...thoroughly enjoyed that report, something completely different. Must be great to be able to thrash the old bike around without care of consequence.

Absolute hoot  :lol:
The "postie" is the standard Australia Post delivery bike, 1000's of them around, sold after about 3 years service to anyone who lifts their hand at public auctions. Ours are 2001 and 2002 models.....1968 design though.... :lol:  :lol:

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[AUS] Throttles Pinned All Day :-))
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2006, 09:29:11 am »
Ditto - excellent - thoroughly enjoyed it - well done!!!

Ain't these Honda's the most popular (sold) bikes on the planet?  - what does it cost in OZ?  And in SA?


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[AUS] Throttles Pinned All Day :-))
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2006, 09:46:26 am »
excellent, thanks for the report, brought back memorys of my youth, charging around the cane fields in Natal with on respect to body or bike. :twisted: Monday afternoons was wash and fix day in preperation for the next weekend..........miss those days