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Author Topic: From St Francis  (Read 439 times)

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From St Francis
« on: December 28, 2009, 01:53:27 pm »
A couple of Gauteng lads set of to St Francis Bay where our host "Sir John" organized us a couple of outrides.  Frankie and his Bro opted to ride down, the rest saved our nobblies for what laid ahaid.  My brother joined us from George.  We were all on KTMs, three 950 Super Enduro's, a 950 Adventure and a 640.

First ride was a one day, slightly technical one.  Fast dirt to Kareedouw for first fuel stop, then approximately 80km ride over the mountain on a 4x4 track with plenty of ups and downs, ending up close to the entry of Baviaans where we paid our R85 toll fee and enjoyed a free Castle.  Fantastic!  

Baviaans was easy riding after the 4x4 route.  Only notable obstacle was a couple of BMW's that decided to take their girlfriends on a camping trip.   Felt sorry for the girls, can't be easy on the back of a packed 1200 going down those hills.  

We refueled at Patensie, had some chow and headed back.  Lovely 10h outing.

Second ride was a two day ride with a (planned) stop over in Die Hel.  We set of on fast dirt to Patensie, fueled and did an easy Baviaans in about 2 hours.  Had a refuel just outside the reserve and headed towards De Rust.  Had an unpleasant 30km tarr section  >:(.  

After we had a massive hamburger in De Rust we headed through the MeiringsPoort towards a 4x4 track John plotted for us on Google.  The track was awesome, extremely technical and it got worse ... We were high up in the mountains in a track that was obviously meant for donkeys or baboons.  Eventually we came to a 2m peace of wood crossing over a huge donga and leading straight into another one.  We had no choice and had to turn around.  A bitter pil to swollow, but the riding up to that point was to die for.

The evening we rested at De Rust... (nie De Hel nie)

Next morning was easy riding towards Willowmore.  From there we headed out to Uniondale, turned left and left again.  Ended up on a lovely dirtroad with ramps every 50m or so, trying to outramp each other on every one.  Perfect Super Enduro country!  Crossed over the northern part of the Baviaans, stopped in Patensie for some beers and raced home.  

Absolutely stunning ride.
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Re: From St Francis
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2010, 02:51:59 pm »
Twas but only the best time of my entire life.
Respect! You boys can ride!!!!
Take the long road, ride the dirt. There are less cars there anyway.
Currently without a bike. Lucky chap that bought it will get miles of smiles!!!

Next time!!