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Author Topic: Our new additions  (Read 1337 times)

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Re: Our new additions
« Reply #20 on: June 17, 2007, 12:50:35 pm »
This is a big advantage of lighter bikes Adv!
See the ride reports where you can pick a KTM 950 up as quickly as a KDX200.  ;)

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Re: Our new additions
« Reply #21 on: June 17, 2007, 06:12:47 pm »
Thanks for the info Jaq, I fitted hand protectors to my scoot already, only bought one set at first to make sure the fit, will do Peaches' bike this week.
I need to fit new tyres, the present tyre are showing signs of cracking, probably fit a decent trail tyre, suggestions?
I also fitted a set of handlebar raisers, SW Motech of course, ;D ;D and find it easy to stand on, given my height of 6'3".
We went for a short ride yesterday, cool little bike, will go anywhere. Peaches had her first 'off' as well, but the bike is so light she managed to pick it up before I could get the camera out.... ;D ;D ;D

I thought I'd better point out something in regards to the Minimalist Touring Thread over at ADVRider...a lot of the pople there have fitted some really cool and practical screens to their bikes for longer distance touring...but I'd never put a lexan or hard plastic screen on my trail bikes that I intend to use for rugged terrain dirt riding, because there is always the possibility that you might be thrown forward and go throat first into the screen.
That would not be a good day out.
I can seriously disable or kill you with a chop to the throat, imagine what getting the screen in your throat at speed will do?

Tires...You'll have to decide what sort of terrain and weather condtions you'll be riding in.
I like the trail tires that come new with the DT 175..Bridgestone Claw Patten we call them.
On my NX 650 I've got a trailwing at the rear and a hard terrain knobby on the front.
On the assumption that on the road it's normally the rear tire that slides out on tarmac if you make a mistake and do a corner too fast. The trailwings do hold well on anything but wet tarmac.
In the dirt it's not the best tire...but as a rear wheel drive tire it's ok most of the time. The front knobby cuts thru the sand and the mud and allows me to guide the bike in the direction I want to go without losing control, Which is what would happen if I had a trailwing on the front as well.
All the rear tire does is push you forwards, it doesn't control your direction.
So I feel it's not essential provided you hit a soft surface at any kind of speed from 10 kph upwards.

On Lin's Sherpa we're probably going to go with the Bridgestone claw patten or similar.

We do a lot of road miles, in all kinds of weather, a full set of knobbies is not practical, either for road handling or tire wear.

If you're mainly riding on the tarmac, hard dirt roads, rocky fire trails and not much soft sand or mud I reckon the claw patten tires will do the job.
Or a claw on the back and a knobby on the front.

Hope this helps.
It's really a subject that could be debated endlessly.

Now our local www.mcas.com.au  motorcycle super store is having a birthday/discount sale until the end of June.
Visit the website and let us know if there is anything you might want for the girls.
The prices listed are all full price, but everything is now discounted and I can buy it at the discount price and ship it over normal postage.

Any WD members can take up this offer.
I am under the impression we have a lot more variety of gear here than in SA.

Cheers: Jaq.
It's not just a mode of transport, it's a fking adventure!

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Re: Our new additions
« Reply #22 on: June 18, 2007, 11:23:28 am »
Adv.  not sure if you are aware of the useful site re the Yammie Serow.  Lots and lots of very useful info to be found here.

XT225 Serow Riders Technical Website

Here is their take on which tyres to use Tyre choices.  IMHO I would go for the Continental TKC80 ;)
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