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Author Topic: International Six Days Enduro – 2013 Sardinia  (Read 233 times)

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International Six Days Enduro – 2013 Sardinia
« on: October 10, 2013, 08:57:51 am »
No matter how well one is prepared, life can sometimes just be plain unfair. The thought of being out after the first day was just not a possibility.

Day one was almost a done day, running a little behind schedule but nothing dramatic, one special test left and a short run back to the paddock. Not sure exactly when things went wrong, except that I could just not ride anymore. Was being passed by riders which made me even madder and more frustrated. Had I picked up a branch which was making a ticking sound as I went along? Gave up racing and just survived the test. The bike was not healthy, nothing too serious I was telling myself - it was still running.

At the pits, was instantly the focus of all attention. At this point the bike gave up and would not start. Serious trouble. Left the bike to the mechanics and went to the impound to find out how much time I had to fix the bike. Half an hour was the answer. Really made no difference as I was not going anywhere with the bike as it was and was definitely not able to fix it myself. Would have to ask for a restart.

The motor was taken out in no time with the intention of replacing a piston. Luck was not on my side. Had damaged a valve. Was offered a new motor which I was exceptionally thankful for. Within an hour the bike was running again and off to scrutineering. New engine marked and sound test done, all was good. Given a note that I had been late and had changed an engine. All had work out!

Was not to be. The jury reviewed my restart and declined it. What a blow! Ever hopeful, still arrived the following day at the pits with riding kit in tow. No magic wand was waved and the race continued without me.

Still had a perfectly good bike and was more than eager to go riding. Went on an easy ride out to the special tests and enjoyed the countryside.

All was not that bad and the following day had a new strategy. Wanted to follow a shadow rider, which follows a racer to special tests and helps them with holding tool belts and hydra packs. My first attempt ended at a hotel parking lot with a very confused rider watching me leave in a hurry. My next attempt was somewhat different.

Joined up with two Canadian riders whom had borrows bikes from the French team. ‘Just’ followed and was taken for a ride of my life. Went everywhere and only stopped riding because the sun was setting. Made a hasty dash back to the pits just before the support crew left, needing to find a space to leave my bike. My clothes and car keys had luckily not been put away. Turned out to be a remarkably fantastic day.

The following day made a better job of getting to the special tests, not exactly as the other SA riders were around. Did on one occasionally after almost being ridden over by racers have Blake come screaming past – had eventually found a rider.

On the last day was getting to the tests on time and did see Wade and Blake ride, unfortunately, did not have a lock for my bike and thought it was not wise to leave it unattended.

Saturday arrived too soon and enjoyed the day watching motocross. Bike safely packed way ready to be taken back to Austria and on to South Africa.

My Six Days enduro ended after day one, my adventures started on day two. Perfect plans in perfect disarray, why I do not know, just life, I guess.

Thanks to Team SA and KTM for all their support and Italy for hosting a magnificent event. Sardinia is just breathtakingly beautiful. Hope to someday return.      
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Re: International Six Days Enduro – 2013 Sardinia
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2013, 09:29:16 am »
Tough luck Splash, sometimes life throws us those lemons. Well done for making lemonade.
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