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Author Topic: Steering damper 1200GS/GSA  (Read 237 times)

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Steering damper 1200GS/GSA
« on: August 15, 2007, 12:59:01 pm »
The trouble is Scotts do not make a clamp for BMW and say they have no intention of making, however I would love to see the difference mounting it in the middle makes as against the offset, I cannot believe that it can be so different, I have had a unit mounted for over a year, you cannot believe the difference it has made to my bike and the number of times it has saved my bacon, just ask the guys who have ridden with me including Mike da Bike who at the end of a road section are saying how tough it was, and then say my bike looked like it was on rails, and I have to think hard as to what section of road they were taking about.
Applying my mind technically the only difference I can see it making is a slightly faster reaction time as offset the arc radius will be wider, but the damper can be set as I was reading about a week ago to shorten the arc reaction, so again I cant believ there can be such a huge difference.
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